About Us

Welcome to Christian Heritage Edinburgh

Our motto is “Challenging Today from the Past”.


Christian Heritage is a bridge to communicate how God used His people to transform society in many areas, from modern democracy and law, to education, social reforms, science, medicine and the arts. It is educational in that it is a vehicle for passing on this information to churches, educational systems and the general population. It is evangelistic in that through this means we can share the gospel of Christ to multitudes of people. It is prophetic in that it is a voice to governments in a time of cultural crisis in Western civilisation.


The following ministries function under Christian Heritage Edinburgh:

1.Christian Heritage Centre: This operates in St Columba’s Free Church, next to the Royal Mile, near the castle. We communicate the Christian Heritage and gospel through media presentations, exhibitions, concerts and theatre (Eternity), literature, tour guides (such as the Celtic Tour) and through personal conversations with the visitors. We began this in 2009 and now run it from June to September. Every season over 10,000 people visit the centre and thousands have heard the gospel. Every year some people become Christians.

2. School of Evangelism: Doors have opened to train people in evangelism and apologetics in the Faith Mission Bible College and Free Church College, as well as in churches. We aim to eventually have the School of Evangelism running one evening a week so that Christians from the churches can be trained. Our outreach practical experience involves running Street Café amongst students, night clubbers, the crowds at pagan festivals and amongst the local shoppers. In this way multitudes are being reached with the gospel every year, and some have found Christ.

3. Resources: Over the years we have produced gospel literature in the form of testimony booklets and gospel tracts to reach people of other faiths. We have also produced books about Christian Heritage and videos.

Christian Heritage Edinburgh is part of Christian Heritage International and is in partnership with Christian Heritage Cambridge.

Our statement of faith is the same as that of UCCF.