Eternity Music

Music is a wonderful part of our Christian heritage. Eternity Music was established in 2006 to celebrate the rich treasure house of sacred and classical music, which was largely pioneered by Christians.

The sixth century Christian philosopher, Boethius, developed the music theory of Pythagoras, and others, like the Benedictine monks, Ubaldus Hucbald (840-930), and Guido of Arezzo (995-1050), pioneered polyphonic singing and music notation. Out of this church music grew the motet, madrigal, anthem, oratorio, symphony, sonata, cantata, and concerto. Later Christian composers like Bach, Handel, Haydn and Mendelssohn wrote stunning, and much- loved pieces. The Christian influence was so strong that most of the great composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and Schubert, were inspired by it.

Eternity has performed in many historical churches in and around Edinburgh, with a passion to combine music with the Christian faith, so that the listeners are not just entertained, but in the words of Handel, “I should be sorry if I only entertain them. I wish I could make them better.”

Some of Eternity’s music can be heard here and some quotes of famous composers can be read here.