Seasons of the Soul – CD


Seasons Of The Soul CD, sung by The Eternity Singers, a quartet of vocal artists who support the work of Christian Heritage Edinburgh.


Faith in God does not bypass the mind or the emotions.

In the Bible’s Old Testament, we find a collection of poems and songs in the Psalms, in which the human soul is enabled to give expression to the experience of the believer at any given moment.

The Psalms help the Christian to praise God for who He is as Creator-King, as in Psalm 96, or to reflect on His goodness as the Good Shepherd, as in Psalm 23.

There is even room to question God’s dealings with us in times of perplexity, as in Psalm 13. Whatever the circumstance or ‘season of the soul’, the Psalms supply us with a mechanism of God’s own providing, by which to engage with Him in our lives.