Edinburgh Creation Group


Edinburgh has been called ‘The Athens of the North’, and ‘The Capital of the Mind’. Since the Enlightenment (1750 – 1800) this city has become a world centre for science and philosophy. Three intellectual giants here paved the way for our modern thinking: David Hume, James Hutton and Charles Darwin. With this there has been a strong movement towards atheism as many people here think that science can explain everything, and as such ‘scientism’ is the ruling paradigm today in our culture.

Edinburgh Creation Group was established in 2006 by a group of scientists and an historian to challenge the atheism and naturalism of our culture. Debates, lectures, articles and resources are part of this work. For those interested in this important subject, you are welcome to view our website edinburghcreationgroup.org.

For example in this video Professor John Walton asks the question “Could life have started through chance chemical reactions on the primordial Earth?” John is Head of Reactive Chemistry at St Andrews University and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Chemistry.